​​​​​​​Far Eastern Investors Have Their Eyes On Turkey

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After attracting many Arabic investors, Turkey has now begun to attract the attention of Chinese and Indian real estate investors. Real estate sector has become the center of attention for Asian investors from the far east after sectors such as energy and mining. Investors from many major states of China are currently carrying out negotiations with various Turkish firms about the possible investment opportunities in the sector.


Issues Regarding Safety&Security

The major concern of the global players of Asia about investing in Turkey is the issues regarding safety and security. Once the security problems in Turkey are resolved, there is no doubt Turkey will be the center of focus for Asian investors after saturation is reached in European and Australian real estate markets.


Historical Silk Road

Historical Silk Road is especially important to Chinese. There are twenty thousand China constitutes the start of the Silk Road, whereas Turkey constitutes the end of the Silk Road, before it goes into Europe and into the Appalachian Peninsula of Italy during the Renaissance period. The route, where the old Silk Road can still constitute a major commercial route in the eye of Chinese people. Majority of the Eurasian and the world people live along this route, which combines the aged people of Europe with a capacity to buy and the young people of Asia with a capacity to work.


Chinese Living in Turkey

Chinese people that live in Turkey, most of which are trying to build commercial bridges, which was once a reality through the ancient Silk Road. Chinese people do not just live in Istanbul. They own power plants and marble quarries in different cities. These Chinese think that Turkish market can compete with the European market in terms of quality and price.

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