​​​​​​​The Value Of Lands In The Bosphorus Is 670 Bıllıon Lıras

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According to a study conducted by the Turkish Data Processing Center operating in the Yıldız Technical University Technopark, the total value of 114 million 453 thousand square meters of land in the Istanbul Bosphorus is at the level of 670 billion Turkish Liras. Istanbul Bosphorus’ value is almost of one seventh of whole London.


Ishak Kurtuluş Altun, General Director of the Turkish Data Processing Center (TUVİMER), operating in Yıldız Technical University Technopark, shared the results of the research on the fields that can be opened and opened to the market in the Istanbul Bosphorus.


The total land value is of 670 billion liras, said Altun and added:

"When we look at the metropolis and the districts that can be regarded as the best examples of Istanbul and the Bosphorus in Europe, this number is much lower than the Bosphorus, which is much higher than the potential of the Bosphorus …


Altun said that the average square meter value of buildings in Bosphorus is 9 thousand 500 pounds, while the figure is 40 thousand dollars for Monaco and 25 thousand dollars for London.

"This is the case for the land too … Although the Bosphorus is much better than Monaco and London, it is only worth one twelvth of Monaco and one seventh of London. It has become compulsory to take this issue with care in order to make value-oriented planning in the region and to achieve the Bosphorus's worth. "


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