1 Billion Dollars Real Estate Investment from Saudi Baka Holding to Turkey!

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Saudi King and Saudi business men who came to Turkey for investment on April 11th have not come back yet. Baka Holding’s Manager, Mansour Al Othaimin, underlined that the investment they will make will not be less than 1 billion dollars.

11th Turkish and Arabian Economic Forum was held in Istanbul. While Arabian investors coming from Gulf Countries attended the forum to invest and expand their investments, they also exchanged views with their Turkish partners.

Saudi King Selman bin Abdulaziz and Saudi businessmen who came as President of the republic Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s invitee, have not returned home yet. It has been stated that Saudies are at the point of making a billion dollars worth real estate investment deal. Saudi businessmen who are continuing business interviews and signing deals, told that the state of affairs of the two countries in terms of commercial will improve.



While businessmen coming from Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia were expanding their networks, we talked about investors’ investments in Turkey, their plans and long term expectations.

Dubai centered Saudi company Baka Holding’s Manager Mansour Al Othaimin, stated that Arabian investors’ choosing Turkey was quite obvious and with Turkey’s political leadership, it is an island of determination and Arabian investors see this. Othaimin stated that they are following different opportunities, also stated they are focusing on real estate development projects. He said they were in stage of having an arrangement on building hotels and villas in Bodrum’s marina and developing real estate projects in Istanbul. Othaimin stated that they will carry out the biggest resident and hotel development project, also underlined their investment will not be less than one billion dollars. Othaimin stated keeping tabs on urban renewal said “this is a suitable market for us. We will have investments here for a long time. Gulf countries used to go to syria and Lebanon but this has changed. Gulf seeing the problems happening in these countries found the most suitable investment country for itself.”



Sheik Ahmed Bin Jassim Bin Mohammed Al Thani who is Qatar Economy and Trade Minister joined the 11th Turkish and Arabic Economy Forum and by touching on the significance of rendering the two countries’ economies’ in the level of international for difficulties they may meet and said “Free trade agreements should be made between Turkey and Arabian countries. We would be honoured to host the first meeting where these discussions will be made.” By stating the relationship between Turkey and Arabian counties coming from the depth of history and these relationships are strong in every way, said thanks to these there are cooperation in many sectors and fields such as economy and trade. Al Thani said “Turkish companies play a major role in the development of Qatar. They built many bridges and buildings. Today, 240 companies in Qatar have been cooperating with Turkey. 26 Turkish companies is doing business in Qatar.”

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