10.234 New Houses for Kartal

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Industrial Areas and old building complexes in Kartal are giving their place to brand projects with lots of social reinforcement one by one.

Istanbul Finance Centre, urban transformation and transportation projects increased both the prices and the number of the real estate investments in Anatolian Side. In the field, which has started competing with European Side in terms of increase in value, one of the most attention grabbing locations is Kartal. It has made important progress thanks to the Kadıköy – Kartal Metro Line, which went into action in 2012 and has the characteristic of being the first metro of Anatolian Side, and urban transformation projects, The Justice Palace, and the projects which has been carried out on the beaches in 2012.

The County which has the fastest transformation

Transportation advantage that Sabiha Gökçen Airport, TEM and D-100 motorways, Marmaray, and express train brought, makes the area a good alternative in terms of both production and demand. Kartal, in which super scale investments have been completed, draws attention with balanced increase in house and office investments in big parcels. Industrial areas and old building complexes in the county are giving their places to brand projects with lots of social reinforcement one by one. When taking a look at the projects in the county which has sea and islands view; we see office and home-office projects around ‘the motorway D-100’, and generally house projects at coastline and in Yakacık location.

House Prices Have Increased Twice

In Midtown, between TEM Motorway and D-100, per square meter prices have increased twice. In the field, in which generally 2+1 and 1+1 room types are preferred, sight factor becomes important in locations which are close to the coastline and in some projects, the prices are really high based on this factor.

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