100% Housing Loan Without a Down Payment

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The biggest problem for the people who want to purchase a house is not having any down payment. You can buy a house by using a 100% mortgage loan without any necessity for the down payment through the some banks. You can reach the house in your dreams. The mortgage loans give opportunities for having a house like renting house. People who have a little down payment prefer these house loans with 24 months to 240 months instalment possibility. When you take a loan, first you must apply for the mortgage loan. Then, an expertise must define the value of the house which you want to purchase. Generally, banks cannot give mortgage loans amount over the 75% value of the house. Now, some banks want to change this system and they can give 100% housing loan without a down payment.


It Is Easier For Having A House

100% House loans make easier to have housing. Generally the biggest problem is the down payment for the mortgage loan. People may want the expertise define the value of the house as high; so they can use more credit amount. As a result of the new system (100% mortgage loan); the problems like this will be solved.

Which Banks?

The banks which give 100% mortgage loans are İş Bankası, HalkBank, Akbank, QNB Finansbank, Denizbank, Ziraat Bankası and ŞekerBank. In order to take a house loan without any down payment; the customer representatives give the detailed information related to the mortgage facility and the other process.

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