100 Percent İncrease İn Housing Prices İn Gebze

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Gebze-Orhangazi-Osmangazi Bridge, which constitutes the most important leg of the İzmir Highway Project, which will reduce the transportation time between Istanbul and Izmir in 3.5 hours from 9 hours, has increased with the opening of the Osmangazi Bridge.

With the opening of Osmangazi Bridge, it is stated that Gebze, which has attracted attention with its different viewpoints, will be the attraction center not only for transportation but also for industrial investments and will increase employment in the region. These developments in Gebze, one of the precious cities of Kocaeli, have made the region a center of interest for real estate developers as well.


The developments in transport and industry in Gebze also moved the real estate sector in the region. New residential projects in Gebze, which is located in the center of the real estate developers, are also a dream. Gebze, which is regarded as one of the transportation and transportation centers of the industry and rising to the future, draws attention to the increase in the prices of houses for sale and rent.


According to REIDIN data, between 2013 and 2017, rental housing prices in Gebze increased by 33 percent and residential housing prices increased by 100 percent. In the same period, rental rates in Kocaeli increased by 48 percent and housing for rent by 80 percent. Looking at the last 1-year period, housing prices in Gebze, 4 percent, house prices for sale increased by 11 percent. In Kocaeli, where Gebze is affiliated, an increase of 5 percent in rental prices and 13 percent in sales is remarkable in the last one year. According to the Zingat.com Regional Report, the average selling price of a 100 square meter house purchased from Gebze is 205 thousand TL; The rental price is 774 TL.


The return period for a residence in the region is 22 years. While the average housing price in Kocaeli is 175 thousand 570 TL, it takes 20 years to amortize the house itself.

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