114 Thousand Housıng Were Sold In April

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Housing sales in this April is increased according to the last year's April. This increasing is by %7,9 ratio and it is 114 thousand 446 housing.And as an adding, by march, this ratio has been %10.

What İs Tüik?


The TÜİK' s expanding is Turkey Statistic Instution and it accounts the housing sales statics and announces the ratios of increasings and decreasings by some periods.

And İstanbul Housing Sales To Examine

According to TÜİK' s searchings, İstanbul is leader about the sales of housing in 2017. İstanbul has the the biggest housing sales number of housing sales by 20 066 thousand housing sales. And İstanbul houising sales ratio is %17,5 and this ratio is getting leader of housing sales in Turkey in 2017.


This housing sales ratio is the leader by İstanbul and there is second leader of housing :Ankara from then İstanbul by 13 thousand 364 housing and by ratio of %11,7. The third place is İzmir about that the housing sales. İzmir has 7 thousand 170 housing sales and it has %6,3 ratio about housing sales.

The Lowest Housing Sales

There are 3 cities about that. There is the lowest city is Hakkari by only 4 housing sales. Second city is Ardahan whis is following Hakkari which has 8 housing sales. The last one is Şırnak that is in this list and Şırnak has 18 housing sales.


Istanbul For Housing Sales Made Abroad

Housing sales which made sales to abroad is increased according to last year and it has 571 housing sales in this April and again İstanbul is in the highest one in 2017 about housing sales.

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