115,869 Houses Were Sold In Turkey In July 2017

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The survey conducted by the Turkish Statistical Institute revealed home selling figures in Turkey. According to the report, home sellings increased significantly in July. Here are the statistics for July of 2017 according to these figures.


115,869 Homes were Sold in Turkey in July 2017

Home selling in Turkey was 115,869 in July 2017, increasing by 42.4% check against the same month of the past year. In housing selling, İstanbul has the maximum portion with 18,083 residential sales and 15,6%. Also, İzmir followed with 11,669 residential sales, 10,1% part in Ankara 6.509 residential sales and 5.6% share in Istanbul.


53,949 Housing Sold for The First Time in Residential Sales

The number of houses sold for the first time in Turkey increased by 42,6% check against the same month of the past year and became 53,949. The first sales share in aggregate residential sellings was 46.6%. During the first sales, Istanbul had the highest share with 8,526 residential sales and 15,8%, followed by İzmir with 4,172 home selling in Ankara and 2,611 home selling in Istanbul.


According to The Nationalities, The Selling of The Most Houses were Made to Iraqi Citizens

In July, Iraqi citizens bought 293 homes from Turkey. Iraq followed with Saudi Arabia with 248 residentials, Kuwait in 142 houses, Russian with 118 houses and 76 houses with England.


According to the data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute, the first sales, mortgaged sales and second hand sales totaled the highest residential sales in July of the month of July 2017.


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