13 Districts In Istanbul, 11 Districts The New Zoning Plan Was Suspended

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New development plans in Istanbul total of 13 residential development plans were launched in 11 cities including Bakirkoy, Besiktas, Eyup, Sariyer, Umraniye, Zeytinburnu, Sultanbeyli, Catalca, Arnavutkoy and Basaksehir. Here is the details of the last minute new construction plan hanger report. In addition to the zoning plans announced by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) in accordance with Article 8 of the Law No. 3194, zoning changes covering 11 districts in Istanbul have been added. In 11 provinces of Istanbul, new construction plans were started for the suspension process?

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Information On New Construction Plans

This aerial view taken in Istanbul on April 30, 2008 shows the historical peninsula (R), the Asian one (in the background back) and the Pera side (L) of Istanbul.  Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on August 13, 2011 announced Istanbul's bid to host 2020 summer Games."We are here today to declare the world our candidacy for 2020 Olympic Games, which we consider extremely important for our country and people," Erdogan said here in his televised remarks. AFP PHOTO / MUSTAFA OZER

New development plans for 11 villagers in Istanbul have been put on hold. How long will the suspended development plans be pending and can the appeal be made? Whichever districts and zoning plans for which these districts are linked, we have all the details for the citizen.

The new plans of the locals, which are scheduled to be released on March 9, 2017, will be suspended for approximately 30 days and will be finalized on 7 April 2017 by descending the hanger. On 9th March 2013, the new zoning plan of some neighborhoods in the 11 districts where the new zoning plans are suspended hangs up on the date of 7.04.2017. During this period, new development plans can be appealed. If there is no objection, the reconstruction plans are finalized on the day of the hike.


It is stated that the districts will hang until April 7, 2017 when the new development plan changes in the districts within the boundaries of 8 districts of Bakirkoy, Besiktas, Eyup, Sariyer, Umraniye, Zeytinburnu, Sultanbeyli, Catalca, Arnavutkoy and Basaksehir districts.

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