14 New Hotel Projects In 14 Local Tourism!

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Turkish tourism has one of the most serious crises of its history. 14 domestic tourism groups, from Dedeman, which operates in tourism expected to recover in 2019, to Rixos from Aksoy to Limak, NG to Elite World Hotels, did not slow down their investments.


From Bodrum to Istanbul, from Sapanca to Maldives, 28 hotels in various parts of Turkey and the world are in the planning and investment stages. Turkey, which stands out as the fastest developing country of the Mediterranean Sea, is experiencing the deepest crisis of the last years due to the aircraft crisis experienced with Russia, the terrorist attack in big cities such as Ankara and Istanbul and the war in Syria.


The last two years of the tourists coming to our country at a time when tourism has dipped since a large portion of competitor countries are Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt and we have already lost. Domestic tourist groups continue to invest in this shortcoming despite the internal darkness. Antalya and Istanbul also Although some recovery in this period that the best is yet to come in the days of tourism, from the port, the Elite World Hotels, Gloria was cutting speeds up to 14 local tourism investment group.


From Bodrum to Istanbul from northern Cyprus, it has 28 hotels in investment planning and investment phase in several places up the Maldives. With planned investments until 2023, this number is targeted to reach 48.

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