14 Thousand Title Deeds “Family Housing” Annotation

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Within the scope of the application initiated by spouses to prevent unauthorized transactions with the house they live in, approximately 14 thousand title deeds were put on annotation as “family housing”  in 2016. In the last 14 years, the number of Real estates which put an annotation as ”family housing” was 90 thousand 687. partners can not terminate rental agreement, Can not transfer the house and can not limit the rights to the house on their own, with the application Which is implemented. Especially for the protection of women. This application was initiated in order to prevent partners from interfering with each other’s house and Last year nearly 14 thousand the title deeds were put on annotation as “family housing”.In the case of the legal arrangement made in the Turkish Civil Code in 2002, if the partners who owns the property ownership of the dwelling sells it, “family housing” application is implemented .

If the residence is rented by one of the partners, the partner, who is not a contractor, automatically becomes the contractor’s side that will the notice to the charterer.

In addition, one of the partners who do not own the property and can not provide housing or who are not consented to it without a justifiable reason may request the intervention of the judge.

It is enough to apply to the Provincial Directorates of Land Registry Cadastre for the family housing and to report that the house is a family home

“Family housing” has 3 big cities.

Cities which put on annotation as family housing are İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir

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