1/5 Part Of Abud Efendi Mansion Is Now On The Market…

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Name the best known palaces of the Bosphorus, one of Abud Efendi Mansion came on the market in a very interesting way. 10 years ago, The Yali was on market by 50 million TL. Unable to find a buyer, the Yali was rented by the owner of Kervansaray Hotel’s owner Semih Buyurgan and fidelity had been restored. This time the renovated mansion’s  %19.68 of the shareholding went on sale.


On the Anatolian side of the Bosphorus in Istanbul-Kandilli, the mansion, was built in 1855 by Garabet Balyan, the architect of the Ottoman Palace. In 1858 French Baron Vandoeuvre who settled at the mansion lived here 40 years. Who lives in mansion Baron suffered a bad incident here. Vandoeuvre, called mansion unlucky when he lost his young girl and had with the black wire all over the mansion.


The owners turned back to their country,France in 1900, Mehmet Abud Efendi bought the property and resided here until 1981. The last guy who owned Abud Efendi Mansion  was Ismail Özdoyuran who is the owner of the Salad Oil. Özdoyuran’s shares are now 2/3, the remaining shares belong to Abud Efendi’s 40 heirs.


The Yali has got 18 rooms, 2 Hall inside with a living area of 270 m2, a swimming pool, a Turkish bath, a sauna and parking for 8 cars. The magnificent window on the bottom floor and top floor located at the Villa and has got two boathouse too.



Like Gümüş, Kurtlar Vadisi, Lale Devri, Sağır Oda, Savcının Karısı which  were the very popular Turkish series hosting for shoot, the Yali has seen the influx of Arab tourists. Per person $ 50 mansion roamed, now the sale of a shareholding came up with.


Realtors in the area said that, Abud Efendi Mansion will be hard for sale, but they welcomed eagerly the result.

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