165 Houses to Iznik!

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TOKI, built a project suitable for the local architecture in Bursa, Iznik.
TOKİ Local Architectural Implementation Projects are developed by the approach of social housing architects 'traces from their own countryside, their own experiences'.


In this project, it was tried to create a living area close to traditional neighborhoods in İzmik. The harmonization with the topography, the encircling of the neighborhood with the green area, the limitation of the roads of the vehicles and the pedestrian priority of the transportation network were determined as the basic design principles. The architectural details at the eye level of the traditional cities were reflected in the project, adopting the same principle.

A pedestrian-oriented planning plan was made in a neighborhood concept that would eliminate the disadvantages of the vehicle-intensive residential areas that weakened confidence and ties. The project looked for reliable common areas with low walls and walkways, which are reliable for people to relate to each other.

In the project, the commercial areas were located on the ground floors of the houses, as in the old neighborhoods. The new living area, which is built on 30 thousand square meters, is designed as a low floor with 165 houses, shops, mosques and social facilities areas in harmony with nature. On the facades of the houses, there are fences with local architectural lines and alaturka tile roofing.

The mosque, the commercial areas and other functions were positioned centrally, contributing to the social life, by taking atifft the traditional neighborhood settlements.

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