184 Years Witness of Beyoglu is Being Restored

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Located at the end of Beyoglu, Istiklal Street, 184-year history at the Narmanli Inn restoration work continues nowadays. However, members of the Beyoğlu City Defense pending the outcome of their application for the cancellation of the project, has sparked controversy in the beginning of this study. Project architect Sinan Genim said that, the project would be defeated as completely faithful and the inn will be destroyed if the restoration is not done.


As one of the symbols of Istiklal Street in Beyoğlu and home to artists and writers for many years, with 2 years restoration at the end of, 184-year-old Narmanli Inn will continue to witness the history.


In the Inn, The Russian Embassy in 1831 opened and from 1880 until 1914 it was used as a Russian prison. Narmanli Inn for a time after the 1917 October Revolution remaining, 1933 went on sale. Narmanli brothers Avni and Sıtkı Narmanlı, who bought the building, began to hire artists because they are artists for the very cheap price. The Inn known as the Hostel of the Narmanlı, many artists such as Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, Aliye Berger, Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, Firsek Karol, Neşet Atay resided in the building, dress manufacturer Antoine Visconti and Armenian newspaper Jamanek’s office was opened here.

In 1955, along with artists Beyoglu leaves the building started to empty. Narmanli Inn has been closed for 20 years.


Narmanli in 1990 when the revival started in Beyoğlu, the family has decided to restore the building. However, the Chamber of Architects has canceled the project. The building in exchange for $ 57 million in 2013, Tekin Esen and Mehmet Erkul represented by families were sold. The new owners made to the restoration project to architect Sinan Genim.


In Narmanli Inn, because of there is no monumental trees inside of the Inn, was completely destroyed. The Static Property additions at various times for failing to protect the building, completely demolished and rebuilt. Find the total cost of 25 million TL. restoration project Narmanli Inn, and the building was completed by the end of 2018 will be opened.

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