2017 Minimum Wage Tariff of Real Estate Valuation is Determined

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Capital Markets Board assessed the minimum wage tariff of Real Estate Valuation and its application guidelines.
Appraisers Association of Turkey members must apply the determined wage rates for their valuation services to the customers. Of course it is also stated that these wages are the lowest and according to the parties and the quality of the work, a higher wage rate can be applied. These guidelines and the wages are related with the valuation services:


“The additional expenses and wages as necessary transportation costs, provision of information and documents, fee or the other payments to the public institutions, the share of the Real Estate Information Center, value-added tax and the other taxes cannot be added to the minimum wage. These expenses are payed as extra. If there is a difference between the recorded quality in the title deed and the real quality of the real estate, there may be two or more valid groups (related with the minimum wage tariffs and the application guidelines). When you face such a situation, you should know that the group which includes the higher wages tariff is the right one for your real estate.”
A discount from the minimum wage tariff of the real estate valuation is not possible according to the decree. Valuation Fee is explained:
Land and Agricultural Area: 534 TL – 1206 TL
Residential and Business Locations: 445 TL – 2358 TL
Energy and Fuel Facilities: 1393 TL – 2679 TL
Service Properties: 889 TL – 2143 TL

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