22 Thousand Houses Will Be Built

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President of Toki said earlier that the history of the administration was quite successful. Despite last year's domestic turmoil, it was announced that 65 thousand houses were built by breaking down their own recors. Toki's president Ergün Turan announced that he wants to make more housing this year than last year. Saying that the current housing target is around 70 thousand, presedent of Toki explained that he wants to build more housing. Presedent of Toki said the new target is 1 million 200 thousand residences until 2023. In Turkey, it was determined that housing needs are high in some cities. Large projects continue to be needed in the housing needs, and towns with 5-6 thousand homes are being built where there are many housing demands.


Cities in Turkey's earthquake zone are included in urban transformation. The cities in the earthquake zone began to implement urban transformation before other cities. Thanks to urban transformation old built was destroyed.New and earthquake resistant buildings were built in the areas where old buildings were destroyed. The goal in urban transformation is to transform the old building into a new building until 40 percent in a short time.


Turkey has not forgotten the eastern in urban transformation and has started the urban transformation for the eastern ones. Urban transformation projects started for the eastern provinces were prepared. The projects are ready to be built in east. Saying that the necessary precautions have been taken for cities that are in danger of being under the dam, Toki's presedent explained that the projects will come in the coming years.



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