24 Companies Were Founded for Real Estate Fund

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Capital Markets Board allows companies for investment fund. 24 companies have been founded.

Turkey has the least savings rate among the OECD Countries. The savings rate was about 15% a short time ago now it is at 25% by the TUİK’s adjustment but despite of this development it’s still evaluated as low. Recently, the individual retirement which is the best factor in order to raise the savings has been on agenda. The accumulated amount in Individual Retirement Funds, have been reached at the level of 55 billion TL. The most effective factor for this amount of Money is government funding; 25%. Without this government fund, the return of the system is not impressive. Portfolio companies had evaluated the money which the citizens invest by the way of bond, stock etc. for a long time. Capital Markets Board also allowed for the Real Estate Investment Funds. According to this execution, the rent of the shopping centers, grounds transform into securities.




The permission of the Capital Markets Board is so new but 24 funds have been founded now. Re-Pie is one of these funds. Re-Pie has begun to raise funds in order to get Turkmall’s 4 projects. Emre Çamlıbel, the board member of Re-Pie explained that they applied for 6 funds at first. He also said he predicts that the return of the real estate funds will be more than the others to the individual retirement companies. Çamlıbel also thinks that these funds will make foreigners real estate investments easier.

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