3 Historical Buildings In Silivri Belong Now To The University Of Fenerbahce

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3 historical buildings in Silivri belong now to the University of Fenerbahce

The University of Fenerbahce which was confirmed by YOK for its establishment , will educate in the 159 year old building which was built by Dr.Sarandi Arhiyeni in Silivri’s Selimpasa neighbourhood.

The Mayor of Silivri Ozcan Isiklar told last year to Aziz Yildirim the President of Fenerbahce Sports Club who visited the neighbourhood within the ‘1million members’ target campaign that they are ready to devote the important historical buildings and lands to the University of Fenerbahce to educate.Aziz Yildirim and one of the administrators of the club Sekip Mosturoglu visited the buildings and were satisfied about it.After the negotiations between Yildirim and Isiklar the topic was brought to the city council on 4th of May 2015.The 3 historical buildings ,other structures and a 80 thousand square meter area in Silivri was devoted to the University of Fenerbahce Union for 30 years after the consensus of the council.


Isiklar made a statement to DHA,”They give 3 buildings which have an architectual history beauty and were used those times as a teaching school and female dormitory made by Dr.Sarandi Arhiyenis who achieved to be the general surgeon of Sultan Abdulmecit.”

Last 17th of March gathered the General Assembly of YOK and confirmed the establishment of the University of Fenerbahce.


The Mayor of Silivri Ozcan Isiklar stated that very excited about the decision to a legislative proposal to the council and the project to be actualized.Isiklar’s statement to DHA about the preparations , ” The Union of Fenerbahce continues the establishment works for its university and the University of Bogazici will be a sponsor establishment for them.The international science community in England will also support the union seriously.The Mayor Isiklar also added that with this project will Silivri gain a prestige university with its 20 million supporters of the club.

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