3 Mega Transportation Projects Will Come Into Service In 7 Months.

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While Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Ahmet Arslan, states that three of mega projects, which are awaited impatiently worldwide thanks to its greatness and technology, will come into service this year. He also says: “ on 30th June Osmangazi Bridge, 26th August Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, and on 20th December Eurasian Sub-Sea Tunnel… We will take all these projects into service in time.”

In his speech to AA pressman, Arslan has stated that they are coming to an end in some mega projects, which have been being awaited worldwide impatiently, and which have been launched under the leadership of the Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım. He also has said that most on-going projects about transportation in Turkey are some of the biggest projects all around the world.

Arslan, who stated that three of the mentioned projects are going to be taken into service by the end of this year, says that these works, which will be taken into service this year, will take Turkey’s transportation beyond the scale.

“4th Biggest Bridge of The World Will Be Taken into Service in 30th of June”

While stating that Osmangazi Bridge, which contains lots of “the most” features in itself, is a project which is not only being awaited worldwide impatiently in Turkey but also in the world, Arslan says: “ It is the 4th biggest bridge of the world thanks to its 252 meter of tower height, 35,93 meter of bridge floor, 1.550 meter of interior span, and 2.682 meter of total length. Osmangazi Bridge is a model project thanks to its economy in terms of time and fuel. Thanks to this bridge, rather than almost 2 hours of driving around Gulf, it will take just 4 minutes to arrive the other side.

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