300 Technical Colleges Will Be Established İn 300 Osb!

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Faruk Ozlu, Minister of Industry, Technology and Technology, will work in coordination with the Ministry of National Education to determine and train the human resource profile needed, "We will establish and disseminate technical and technical high schools, technical colleges, in all the organized industrial zones in our country (OSB). To establish at least 300 technical colleges in 300 OSBs. " said. Özlü attended the signing ceremony of the protocol related to the establishment of "vocational and technical anatolian high schools" in OIZs with the Minister of National Education İsmet Yılmaz.


Pointing out that Turkey is the youngest population of the most important source of wealth, Özlü said that the better the country prepared for tomorrow, the better the future of the country. "One of the top examples of these is that we reduce the election age to 18 in the April 16 referendum, which is a concrete statement of how much we value young people and how much we trust them." He spoke.


Özlü emphasized that education is the most important issue in a country where about half of the population, like Turkey, is born under the age of 31 and has around 1.3 million new babies a year. In this respect, Özlü emphasized the importance of co-ordination between national education and science, industry and technology politics.


"Our industrialists say that they can not find qualified intermediaries who have the qualifications they desire from time to time, so the qualities demanded by the industry and the business world are of great importance. " he said.





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