4 Different Types Of Apartments Of Buyukyali Istanbul Project

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The “Buyukyalı İstanbul”, had come forward in Kazlıçeşme Coastal Road, appeared in 4 different types of sample houses reflecting the luxury and good life. Real Estate Housing Assurance which is one of Istanbul’s most prestigious residential projects project, the sample of apartments were introduced to the real estate press.


Özak GYO, Ziylan Group and Yenigün Construction have been introduced to 4 different types of sample houses reflecting the luxuries and good life of Istanbul, in Kazlıçeşme Coast Road with the assurance of Emlak Konut GYO. Activity; Özak GYO Chairman Ahmet Akbalık and Özak GYO Design Director Tuba Bayraktar as well as the architects of the sample apartments, Metex’s Managing Partner, Architect Hüray Erk and Arkitepo Managing Partner Interior Architect Esin Sözer Kalender were present.


The sample apartments of the Buyukyalı Istanbul are made up of 4 concepts that are designed to respond to different lifestyles in the stages of Denizkapi and Bahcekapi. In the sample apartments designed by Özak GYO together with Metex and Arketipo which have luxury residence and hotel experience, unique details that make the feeling of boutique design unique are attracting attention. “The Great is a very special project. Because we prepared our sample apartments, which reflect the life we ​​promised in Büyükyalı. We worked with two different architectural groups to reflect different design approaches to adapt to changing lifestyles. In the standard unfamiliar to the industry, we signed a project that would be in every aspects of life. “

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