4 Priority For Those Who Want To Buy A House In Istanbul

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It should be considered well when taking a house. Because living conditions change the material and spiritual value of the house. The house to be bought must be both comfortable and a good investment.

  1. Do go down!

In Istanbul, you know your name is “go out” … If the name is “go down” … If we go down and “socialize” without a time problem, if we can make shopping, if we go to our pool, do we sprinkle?

  1. Pay-by-self payment plan

You are enthusiastic about buying a home, you have a little accumulation; But the payment plans that you get out of the banks are irrelevant to your standards. But if you have a private payment plan, how many months do you decide how much you want to pay?


  1. The metro in two minutes

We live in a tempo where you need to find a parking place to get something tiny from the grocery store. Benzini, in addition to the fatigue of staying at the steering wheel all day long. Now shut your eyes, imagine that you walked out of the house and metro metro in 1-2 minutes.

  1. Living house with you

Expansion of your expectations. Quality of living in the center of the city, a living space thought to the finest detail. It’s not just what you want; Is a detailed life project in which the ones you do not think can be passed on.

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