4 Questions About The Precedent in New Zoning Regulation!

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The new Zoning Regulation published in the Official Gazette on 3 July will be in effect as of October 1st, 2017.

In this process, the existing building registration shall be concluded in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation in force on the date of the relevant act, dated 30/5/2013 and later, subject to the request of the applicant, provided that the applications are concluded by 1st  October.


How to do precedent calculations by October 2017? What will be the new precedent rate?

1- What İs The Precedent?

Coefficient of floor area (CASH) (Peak) is defined as the ratio of the total of all floor areas constructed in the building to the zoning area.

2- What İs The Precedent Limit?

According to the new zoning regulation, the sum of all the non-arbitrary areas that can be brought up with the 22nd article or the zoning regulations of the respective administrations; the parcel will not exceed 30 percent of the total area of ​​the total emplacement.


3. What Are The Non-standard Areas?

The scope of the fire marinade outside of the normal mereness, which is required to be carried out in accordance with the Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire which is put into force by the Decision of Council of Ministers dated 27/11/2007 and numbered 2007/12937, is the property such as conference, sports, cinema and theater halls which are arranged in the basement floors of the buildings, with the spaces which are obligatory to be arranged in public buildings.


4 – How To Make Calculations İn Parcels That Are Not Preceded?

In the parcel that is not preceded by the implementation development plan, the floors area shall be determined by plan or by this regulation; is calculated by multiplying the base area coefficient by the floor coefficient.

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