4 Questions About Title Deed Clearing Operations

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The legal transactions that can be done within the title deed include clearing. It is possible to carry out deed clearing process if some amount of money is paid on immovable properties which are not the same.


Where Is The Swap Process Done?

Swapping of immovable properties can be done in the Land Registry Department. The transaction can be made at any of the provinces or counties where the immovables are located. In order to be able to exchange the house, necessary documents and application fees and fees have to be paid.

How Much Is The Exchange Fee 2017?

Title deed exchange rate mortgage 2017: Deed 20 (within 20 x 2) deed exchange exchange capital 2017: 90,50 Turkish Liras.


What Are The Documents Required For Swap Transactions?

1. Title deed of immovable property to be exchanged.

2. The photo ID cards of the owners or authorized representatives to be exchanged.

3. Two photos of the passport holders.

4. Documents relating to the representative, if one or both of them shall be represented by a legal representative (proxy, guardian, trustee).

5. Document indicating the real estate value of the relevant immovable property concerned.


How do Online Title Dealing Transactions?

– The e-payment number from the title deed is entered into the system via taputakas.com.tr or "taputakas" mobile application.

– The seller enters the e-payment number and necessary information into the system. Sends the Takasbank Reference Number generated by the system to the receiver.

– The buyer enters the system with the e-payment number and Takasbank Reference Number.

– Real estate and commission fees are transferred to Takasbank account. Payments must be made at the account number reported during the birth registration.

– When the registration is done in the title deed area, it is sent by the Takasbank to the seller of real estates with EFT.


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