40 Day Discount Offer From Mass Housing Administration

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40 Day DisGreat opportunities by the Housing Development Administration continue. Finally, TOKI explained that 40 day discounts were appreciated by buyers. TOKI's 2017 discount campaign will be held from August 21 to September 29.


40 Days Discount

TOKİ President Turan said, "Sales from the 20% discount campaign will be realized until the end of 2015, and the repayment taxi will benefit the owners of residential and business premises that started until the end of 2015." Applying for a discount campaign every year for TOKİ residents and business buyers who want to pay their debts early and get the title immediately, starts on 21 August 2017. TOKI Chairman Ergün Turan stated that a discount campaign was organized for the real estate which continues to pay back due to the heavy demand coming from the buyers of houses and businesses who want to close the debts early and buy the title. Turan explained that the dates and conditions of the discount campaign for 2017 were determined on the anticipations of our citizens in this direction.


"Deadline 29 September"

Turan stated that residential and business buyers wishing to make use of the campaign could apply to the relevant bank between 21 August and 29 September 2017 and said, "Citizens wishing to make use of the campaign must make their applications by the deadline of the application.It will not be possible to use the discount rate . " said.


Turan also said that the buyers of the campaign would be able to use the housing loan from the intermediary banks they signed the Real Estate Sales Contract if they want to close their debt headers and benefit from the discount.


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