40 Thousand 436 Houses Were Sold In Esenyurt

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The republic of Turkey has attracted great interest with the opportunity for sell without the tax for the foreign investor. The effect of the positive step started to be felt. The country, which has recently lost its industrial capacity and has struggled with regional problems, found that the resort was selling tax-free housing for foreign investors with the decrease in tourists coming from Russia. The positive impact of this step was on record. Housing sales in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, have broken record. The most demanded city for residential sales is Istanbul. Ankara Izmir Bursa is the other cities where most of the residences are sold to foreign nationals. However, foreign nationals are particularly interested in district of Istanbul Esenyurt.


A total of 40,436 homes have been sold in Istanbul Esenyurt district. But in the face of this intense interest, new projects continue to be passed on. One of the main reasons why foreign investors prefer the region is the reconstruction of the entire region. Because the new residences built in accordance with the seism regulations offer a very luxurious and privileged life. Turkstat statement, the official statistical institution of the Republic of Turkey, has found that new buildings are formed entirely from durable residences in the face of earthquakes. According to the price and quality index, Esenyurt managed to get a very high score. This provides enlightening information on demand. It was announced that the launching of new projects will be announced very soon.

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