496 New Residences From TOKİ to Kocaali

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The Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) will build 496 new residences in Sakarya's Kocaali province.
TOKİ President Ergün Turan said that he will build a new living space on 652 acres of land with a social housing project where Kocaali will be living in the Gulf of Adıyaman in the description made by AA correspondent on the project.


"We are going to build a new living space with 496 houses in the neighborhood concept, bearing the traces of traditional architecture on 652 acres of land in Sakarya's Kocaali province," Turan said, emphasizing that they did not build buildings but created new living spaces.

Turan said, "In Ortaköy Houses project we have blocks consisting of 496 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 houses in different square meters and there are 382 parking lots, mosques, schools, parks and business areas. Indicating that they will go to the tender for the project in the coming days, Turan said:

'Sakarya Ortaköy Houses were designed for different user preferences.In our project, we have 1 24-class primary school, 1 mosque for 300 people and 1 commercial center, which can be used by the residents of the complex, 5 children's playgrounds and 4 open-air sports areas, and we also provided parking spaces and social facilities for our disabled citizens.'


Turan, who remarked that the Sakarya Kocaali project would be an exemplary application, said, "Our project, which has a different mix of usage and that accommodates the elements of the scale (butcher, market, hairdresser, pharmacy etc.) that can meet the needs of the residents of the region, is a mosque, school, kindergarten, children playgrounds and cafeterias together with elements that are part of social life. " 


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