5 Cities that Showing Increasing Investment Potential

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Attention over real estate sector is growing each day. Here are some of the cities show growing potential that pulls attention of the investors.

Lately, investors attention is switching to real estate sector. Some of the cities that showing development, specially in roads, bridges and new modern buildings are becoming center of the investors attention. Investors who expect profits are waiting for the right time to put their finance in these cities with increasing investment potentials over the last few years.


  1. Ankara

Capital of Turkey is one of the locations that pulls attention by showing great developments and increasing value lately. City center was once the most valued place. But in last few years the developments in Etimesgut, Cayyolu, Eryaman, Yasamkent, Sincan and Batikent changed that. Batikent is one of the most profitable areas in the city. As the increasing in real estate of housing and office buildings growing, the prices of construction lands are growing too.




  1. Tekirdag

Tekirdag is one of the cities that has industry areas and also close to Istanbul. Planning of conteiner port and logistic villages projects are the great reason of increasing investment potential and high construction  prices in both Tekirdag and near areas with industy sites like Corlu and Cerkeskoy.


  1. Kirklareli

Kirklareli is one of the cities with increasing value of industy and trading. Being close to Istanbul and new investments in the area bringing Kirklareli and high industy profit provider Luleburgaz to attention of investors. It is expected that growing of real estate in Kirklareli.


  1. Konya

In investment potential, Konya is showing high value. Country road lands between Istanbul and Capital Ankara like Karatay, Meram, Selcuklu are some of the places that investors expecting profits. As the demand grows in these areas prices of lands growing too.


  1. Sakarya

Sakarya is one of the cities in Turkey that has attention of investors. The investments to projects of new port and iron-steel factory in Karasu is another reason of increasing prices of real estate in the area. Some of the areas in Sakarya like Akyazi, Kaynarca, Hendek and Pamukovasi are the center of profit expectation by investors.

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