5 Districts In Istanbul Where Houses Are Near The Beach

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The acceleration of regular urbanization and the increase in qualified construction projects brought the premium championship in the residences of some districts in Istanbul to the agenda. Central location, changes of the transportation infrastructure, university, proximity to the sea have made these regions to be valued at more than 100 percent in the last three years.

Zeytinburnu Ataköy Sahilyolu

Average square meter price three years ago: 2000 TL Present square meter price: 13000 TL Rate of change: 550,0% The District has got one of Istanbul’s most beautiful seascape areas. Very different luxury projects are being made. The expectations for the next three years are highlighted by the fact that the location will have important potential for foreign interest.

Kadıköy Fikirtepe

Average price per square meter three years ago: 700 TL Average price per square meter: 3000 TL Rate of change: 328.6 percent. Istanbul is the region attracting the most investors in urban transformation prices have sprung. Expectations for Fikirtepe will be in the direction of premium due to the location of Bosphorus and the urban transformation.

Maltepe Başıbüyük

Average square meter price three years ago: 400 TL Present square meter square price: 1500 TL Rate of change: 275,0%. The star of the region is shining due to urban transformation activities and the sea shore.


Ataşehir Büyükali

Average square meter price three years ago, 1000 TL Present square meter square price, 3500 TL Rate of change: 250,00. Thanks to the Finance Center project, the region has become very popular with urban transformation and spectacular seashore.

Eyüp Sütlüce

Average square meter price three years ago,  1000 TL Present square meter square price, 3500 TL Rate of change  percentage is 250,0. In the next three years thanks to the projects such as five star tourism and Golden Horn Port, district value will increase in double price.

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