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In the Haliç, where we carried the manuscript last Friday, we heard the news that raised the floor limit from 4 to 10. The decision that the CHP and the MHP objected to was an important development yesterday. İBB, the Parliament, stated that in the areas where the limit is 10 floors, buildings with more than 5 floors will not be approved.


Urban planners who found the floor increase inadequate in terms of urbanism and development law stated that the decision was not correct in terms of density and urban silhouette and expressed their reaction as "it is ruining the city's silhouette and should not be approved". The following statements were made in the IMM statement regarding the decision of 10 floors where the project visuals planned to be made on the field were shared:

'' The name of the place belongs to İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality's subsidiary İstanbul İmar İnşaat A.Ş. The parcel is in the area of ​​'T3 Trade + Housing'. The project planned for this project is in line with the conditions of environmental restructuring and the distance of pulling is determined as 15 meters in Silahtarağa Street which is the main road side in order to decrease the density and a green area of ​​1220 square meters has been formed in the parcel. For this reason, in order to ensure the architectural flexibility during the project development, it was arranged as "Maximum 10th floor", taking the opinions of the necessary institutions, provided that the total construction area does not change.


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