5 Investment Recommendations For People

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Building up savings is necessary for overcome the problems in hard times. But savings is not enough and you need to put savings to good use. If you have a small amount of savings we have 5 recommendations for you.

Time Deposit Account

Opening a time deposit account you can have benefit from interest rate. Time deposit account is opened for a determined time and at the end of the time you can withdraw your money with its interest yield.

Gold Deposit Account

You can open a gold deposit account and your savings will be calculated at the rate of 24 carat gold. It is one of the most riskless ways of putting money to good use.


Interest-Free Participation Accounts

Interest-free participation accounts that can be opened by participating banks are suitable for those who want to earn income but do not want interest incomes. These accounts, which are opened in participation banks operating in line with interest-free banking principles, provide profit share income.

Investing in Forex

Forex market provides you with more profitable results compared to all other financial markets and investment methods. Forex operations can be done over the internet 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. With leverage rates, you can trade 100 times more your money.

Stock Market Investment

You can buy stock, investment funds, futures contracts, treasury stock and government bonds with your savings. It is the most riskless way for investment.

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