5 Percent Cash Advance Campaign İn Essenora!

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Essenora, Gaziosmanpaşa's first urban transformation project in Turkey's developing region, is offering a sales of 758 residences in the last 70 seasons with attractive payment terms, with a 5 percent cash advance campaign launched in October. Essenora, which is the first urban transformation project for the renewed face of Gaziosmanpaşa, attracts great interest with its biggest fitness center with a covered area of ​​2,800 square meters.


Essenora Construction Chairman Oktay Öz, who led the movement in the real estate market with a 5 percent advance, immediate title deed, immediate stone campaign, commented on the last campaign of the year, "We present the last opportunity of private 2017 to invest in housing. Essenora built with the understanding of modern urbanism, quality, reliability, environmental regulation, location, payment conditions and so on, from our most affordable branded residential projects completed due to its many advantages. As a company, we launched this campaign in the last months of the year with attractive payment terms. We would like to compare the researches of all projects if they are going to buy housing. " 

It is located on a 21-acre area right next to the 60-acre city park, attracting attention with its location. It has 1 +1 in residence standards, built with modern urbanism concept. 2 + 1; 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 apartments and gardens with a total of the 758 houses consisting of terraces and the villa alternatives are among the best projects in Turkey. 

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