5 Rules Need Attention in Real Estate Investment

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Real Estate Industry is one of the best investment areas in the World. People who want to invest in this industry or who think just to buy a house must consider some important points. What are these 5 rules?

  1. Location

One of the most important points is the area of the house! If you want to have a house, decide the place where you want to live. You should make a small list of these places. A detailed research will be good for you. For example; the transportation conditions in the area is very important. The distance of the house to the hospitals, schools are the points which you should consider about.


  1. Timing

The right time plays a very big role in real estate industry. If you can’t choose the available time for buying a house, unfortunately you can lose in your investment. Make a good analyse of the prices in industry.

  1. Having a House for Investment or Live?

You should think of the area, the year of the building and some conditions for living in a house but if you aim an investment you should interested in the rent prices and the amortization period.

  1. Brand or Used?

A confusing problem for the investors is the price difference between the brand projects house and used apartment. Find an answer to this question: Why do you want to have a house?

  1. The Real Value of the House

Be careful for the net-gross square difference. This mustn’t be over the 20%.

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