500 Million Euros “Coastal City” Is Being Built in Istanbul

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Yeditepe Marina, which was established with the cooperation of 3 foreign and 1 Turkish investors, has been taken the action for Kiyi Istanbul, where it will live in Buyukcekmece. The project with an investment value of 500 million euros will consist of hotel, marina and bazaar. Foreign investors continue to invest in Turkey without slowing down. The latest example of this is the huge project that planned to be passed on to the life in Buyukcekmece.

Yeditepe Marina, which was established with 3 companies and 1 Turkish partnership consisting of German and Swiss investors, has made a strong effort to pass to life on the coastal Istanbul project which has investment value of 500 million euros. The project where will also take place a marina, a hotel and a bazaar which designed inspiring from 7 cities of Europe and consisting of 7 streets, 7 squares, is expected to be completed in the last quarter of 2018. Speaking at the introductory meeting of Coastal Istanbul, Overvest Group Chief Executive Yunus Soylet said that the project, which will be built on 146 hectares, will have a hotel with 152-room, a marina with thousand yacht and a two floor bazaar as an open-air museum.


Employment For 4 Thousand People

Yunus Soylet said that more than 200 stores which 81 thousand are closed and 7 thousands are open will be located in the bazaar area, which is based on an area of 88 thousand square meters. Also Yunus Soylet said that more than 4 thousand people will be employed when the project is over.

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