“6.5 Million Residences Risky In Terms Of Earthquake”

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In the 18th year of the Marmara earthquake, construction sector representatives stated that new regulations, regulations and supervision systems introduced after the great earthquake contributed greatly to the city renewal as well as to the development of the construction sector, but that this issue was not sufficiently addressed and that a new structure for urban transformation should be pursued.


'We Are Not Prepared'

Feyzullah Yetgin, Chairman of the Board of Real Estate Investment Trust, said "6.5 million houses are in a risky building situation in terms of earthquake. We can say that we are still not fully prepared for the devastation despite all the arrangements and structures in our country which is located near the earthquake zone and where earthquake risk is always present.


'Coffin' Buildings

Nazmi Durbakayım, the chairman of the Istanbul Building Association (İNDER), said that after the earthquake, the related institutions of the state tried to make reforms but they did not succeed in 18 years. Durbakayım, said: “Laws, regulations, unfortunately, can not be used in the way and in the extent desired because of the personal interests of both individuals and companies. For the sake of Rant, there are companies that have rebuilt 5-10 years ago by taking a rotten report on their building.”


'Building Service Life is Over'

Ferdi Erdoğan, Chairman of the Board of Turkey Construction Material Industry Association (İMSAD), emphasized that construction should be done for at least 100 years and should not be changed frequently in urban architecture. Erdogan, 20-30 years, that is, as long as the life of a car, he said living in the buildings.

Having 6.5 million homes to be transformed before the expected massive earthquake in Marmara is a sign that the process needs to accelerate further.


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