6 Profitable Investment Instruments in Long-Term Period

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Investment instruments have different features and people try to know them well in order to get big money. Generally, new investors prefer the short-term investments because they may be impatient for getting some profits. In real, the investments in the long-term may be better for stable and bigger earnings. You can see the some investment instruments which have a potential for bringing good profits in the long term:

  1. Balanced Stocks

Stock is one of the most preffered investment instruments in the financial areas. Many investors select this method for the long-term and guaranteed profits. Traders in the stock markets want to decrease the risk in their portfolio and prefer the reliable stocks. Stocks differ according to their firms. Some stocks may make profits fast. The stocks in BİST 100 Index are more reliable and preferred for the long-term.

  1. Gold Investment

Long-Term Profitable Investment Instruments involve our classic option; gold! Gold investment has no interest income and it is reliable for investors even in the difficult economic periods.

  1. The Deposit Interest Without a Risk

The deposit interest seems as an investment without a risk in the long-term. Each bank has different interest rate but especially E-Term Deposits offer an opportunity for the high interest rates.


  1. Land and Housing Investment

Many people think the land-housing investments as logical and profitable in the long-term period. Accumulated Money can be evaluated well by this way.

  1. Government Borrowing Scheme

Government Bonds’ Profits are guaranteed by the government and the bonds are suitable for over one -year investment.

  1. Individual Pension

State gives 25% income tax advantage in the individual pension system so this is one of the most profitable investment instruments for the long-term period.

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