6 Questıons About Sıte Dues

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The site dues is collected for necessary needs such as site cleaning, security, installation and repair. The principles regarding the determination of the fee for the site dues are explained under the Floor Ownership Law.


How to Determine The Site Dude?

1.Equal to the costs of the doorman, the radiator maintenance person, the gardener and the guard and the advance to be collected for them;

2. The ratio of own plot share to the insurance premium of the main real estate and the advance to be collected for the expenses of maintenance, protection, strengthening and repair of all common places and other expenditures such as administrative pension and management expenses and expenses of common facilities; they are obliged to participate.


When Will The Site Dues Be Paid?

The time to pay the site dues is determined by the board of directors at a meeting with floor owners. The payment can be made on a single day, as well as a certain date range.

Does The Tenant Pay For The Site Dues, Is The Landlord?

The dues paid for the main real estate expenses are not solely from the independent department owners; whoever seats in the independent section is taken from that person.


Does The Manager Pay The Dues?

According to the provisions of the Condominium Ownership Act, the manager must also pay the dues. However, in the case that the amount to be paid by the floor owners is the same as the dues due to the service provided by the manager, on the other hand, he does not get the floor owners and does not pay his own dues. However, this situation needs to be recorded and signed.

What Happens If Site Dues Are Not Paid?

Monthly default interest is applied to those who do not pay dues on time. For example, if the last payment date is 5 every month and the monthly default interest rate is 5 percent, the monthly late payment interest will be paid after 5th of the month.

Will Be Appealed To The Dues?

According to the Floor Ownership Law, if the site dues fee is given in apartments and sites, if not authorized, is determined by the House of Houses General Assembly. If the determined dues are higher than the joint expenses, the Court may appeal the case by filing a case at the Magistrates' Court.


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