7 districts of TOKI ‘neighborhood’

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7 Climate 7 Regional National Architectural Urban Design Idea Contest organized by Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration and its subsidiary company Emlak Konut GYO with the theme of "Neighborhood" has been concluded in order to open up different ideas and quests in the world of architecture. In the contest where 123 projects participated, 35 projects received awards.


Award ceremony on Thursday

Prize winners will be awarded on Thursday, October 19th. To be carried out in the service of the Istanbul Halkalı Presidency of the Housing Development Administration. After the award ceremony at 11.00, visitors will be able to see the exhibited works.

Emphasizing that they are beginning to produce housing in a new line with renewed production approaches in 2014, TOKI President Ergun Turan said, "We continue to develop our active and dynamic production capability with new quests and ideas. With this understanding we organized the National Architectural Urban Design Idea Competition with the theme of "Neighborhood". In the contest we participated in 123 projects, 35 projects from 7 regions won the award. "
"Neighborhood is the most basic scale in the city model"


Award-winning Neighborhood Projects

Turan pointed out that the interest of the architectural world in the face of the neighborhood and the resulting successes reflected the social search in this area in terms of human scale-belonging-qualified social harmony. Architects, city planners, sociologists and so on. Turan said that he participated in the competition with an interdisciplinary plan. Announced that the prize winner of the 123 project will be built as it was in the previous competition, winning "Neighborhood" projects.

Turan, "As TOKI, we fulfill the promise of our architectural world, which is suffering from the raising of the award-winning works, which are a product of great effort and endurance, without delay. Projects will not be on paper. The award-winning works of the architectural competition we organized in 2014 are production as original designs covering 11,250 houses. Likewise, we will begin to build our award-winning locations in the geographical regions they participate in, following a final assessment. "


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