7 Million Houses And Workplaces Will Transform In Istanbul

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In Istanbul, Ümraniye, Esenler and Esenyurt were the leading cities in urban transformation with a figure exceeding 130 in total.

Responding to the questions of the AA correspondent on the urban transformation in Istanbul, the President of the Urban Transformation aHouses-And-Workplaces.jpgnd Legal Platform, Dr. Gürsel Öngören stated that the studies related to urban transformation were continuing and explained the effects of Urban transformation of Urban Planning Council.

Öngören stated that Shura had a vision of 2023 and a road map to be done until 2050. He said: "We have identified our problems on this road map and prepared our solutions in the following way. We display the general vision as follows: firstly to protect natural history and cultural texture. Our main vision is to put forward the identity of local settlement in cities, to build smart buildings and cities, to remove urban transformation from being an annoyance and to improve the quality of life.When we look at the results of urbanism, we emphasized that planning is the most important basis of urbanism.In other words, Urban transformation should not be made as particles, 20 acres or 30 acres or building-based, without changing urban development plan and urban planning plans.
Noting that the capacities of provincial and municipal municipalities that make plans should be upgraded, Öngören said, "Good reconstruction plans will create good cities, and a serious work will be started in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to provide the legal infrastructure and intelligent cities infrastructure after 2023 and afterwards. Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Transport in coordination with the provision of legal infrastructure to begin work. said.
Underlining the limitation of the phenomenon of increase in precedent in urban transformation, Öngören explained that the precedent increase is a method to be used only for collecting benefit. Noting that there is neighborhood and neighborhood-focused transformation, Öngören has now conveyed the continuity of work between the risky structure and the risky space model to construct a new model that will transform one or more candidates to provide neighborhood and neighborhood-based transformation.
Stating that 7 million housing units and workplaces had to be transformed into urban transformation in Istanbul, Öngören gave the following information: "95 percent of them are planned as workplaces, 5 percent of which is planned as a workplace. in the conversion process.In addition to this, in some 500 thousand residences, in the risky areas, in the process of transformation, we see that the conversion of 10% of the time is complete or it is in the process of conversion.We need to increase this number.It is the figure reached in 1 year now between 150 and 200 thousand houses per year.We have now revised the program on the transformation of 500 thousand houses per year with the new targets of Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mehmet Özhaseki.It is necessary to convert 500 thousand houses and work places every year and transform this into a minimum one in 12-13 years . "

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