A 1 Million TL Capital From Urban Transformation

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A 1 million TL capital from urban transformation

The economical contribution of the urban transformation is emphasized with the revitalization of the capital.The Real Estate Evaluation and Urban Transformation expert Oktay Mutlu says as the result of the renovation of the illegal buildings could be 1 million TL included to the financial system.

The revitalization of death capital is emphasized as the most important contribution for the economy.Oktay Mutlu,” 1 million TL is a capital which levels up the economy of the country.”


The rapid increase of housing demand and the citie’s failure to not reach the normal development caused for years an unhealthy restructing which threatens the identity of the cities.One of the other serious problem is that the housing stock which completed its economical life and the illegal buildings and slums are a high risk for earthquakes in the cities.According to this,unplanned settlement renovation works are being done to improve the life standards.


With the 6306th law which legislated in March 2012 were identified in a year 4 year process that almost 100 thousand buildings were at risk and 25 thousand were demolished specified Oktay Mutlu and said that the urban transformation process will continue for at least 20 years more.Some of them see this process as a profitable convertion but Mutlu doesnt agree with that.”We dont have to forget that we dont live in USA or Germany,thats why we have to find particular solutions for ourselves.When i consider the various building stocks,unplanned urbanisation,illegal structuring and propert issues i find the position good where we are.” The urban transformation has big contributions in subjects like law,economy,security and plannings.


The compromise allows the project to be made

There are many projects in Turkey that are declared being at risk but among them are less completed ones for urban transformations.Mutlu, “One of the best examples i can give is the Esenler Atisalan Project which is completed with a private sector and government tenants compromise for an urban transformation.

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