A Great Sample For Urban Transformation

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Altan Elmas has pointed out some assessments about the project by uttering that the transformational institute has been established by means of this project because there would not be come across some environmental rubbish around it, which stems from the usage of transformation of debris into the extender of filling materials. Moreover, 10 thousand and 764 trees have been uprooted and kept. All the trees such as olives and citrus fruits and pomegranates would be utilized for the landscape. Besides all these, 114 woods and timbers are distributed to the owners for fuel. Thus, all these improvements give a way to be a sample for urban transformation by means of this project.


Russians Will Be Activated

Mr. Elmas has reminded that Russian tourists consider purchasing the houses from Antalya. And he added that both Russian tourists and Iranian People would be volunteer to buy the houses again by attracting their attentions through this projects. This project will be pretty profitable investment on the base of both its location and its circumstances. The people who apply with pre-requests among Turkey’s most important international brands will benefit from the first price advantages.

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