A Historic Turkish House Will Find Life Again in Beykoz

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Beykoz Municipality, which owns thousands of year’s historical and cultural heritages of Beykoz, is preparing to restore the historic house in İncirköy Sunazırı Sokak within the scope of historical ihya studies and to save it to the city. The Beykoz İncirköy neighborhood, which is rented by the Beykoz Municipality from the General Directorate of Foundations, is located on the street 277 island 26 in the neighborhood of the street.


The twin registered building in the adjacent location reaches to the daytime in the form of basement + ground floor + 1 floor. The building, which is constructed as a basement floor brick land and a stone upper floor as a wooden construction in a garden of 330 m2, is one of the plain examples of traditional Turkish house.


Beykoz Municipality Science Department maintains a 100-year history that preserves its aesthetic appearance, but it continues to work on the necessity of a structure that has lost its strength to a great extent.


Yücel Çelikbilek, Mayor of Beykoz stated that they gave importance to the preservation and the importance of the historical buildings. "It is our duty to ensure the continuity of our cultural heritage and to convey it to future generations. We will prepare the restoration project and maintenance and repair of the importance of taking the original function of the building without breaking the goal is to restore. This structure, which is a qualified example of the Turkish house with works we will do without interfering with the architectural structure, will come to life together with the residential function and the garden. "

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