A new comment for the equation of “Real estate or production?”

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In the equation of ‘Real estate or production?’ are the odds with real estate but, the Board of Directors of Eroglu Company Nurettin Eroglu explained the transformation, ” The real estate doesnt show anymore a performance like the production.”

“Construction or production?” is one of the main matters on the agenda of the economy world. The capitalists choose the construction business instead of the production and this causes a structural problem for the economy and has been often critisized. At least it was like this until the close period.

The expected demand which didnt occur recently in in the real estate domestic market has put the polemic aside in a certain measure.Nurettin Eroglu who has in both fields investments explains the situation like this, “While everybody said that the production is over, the production became better. The real estate isnt going good as the production.” Eroglu, who is the owner of Colin’s, Loft, Mexx brands and at the same time who has done Skyland Project in Istanbul Seyrantepe and many other real estate projects and has also a big role in Russia. We talked with Eroglu generally about different sector’s and their performances in 2016.


If you look at your performances in 2015 and 2016 at which point do you see the discussion “Real estate or production?” ?

“We are very good at the production. Its also interesting that the opposite happened while they were saying in Turkey that the production is over. We cant say the same about real estate because when the markets get down one of the first things which is given up is the real estate sector. In production we have serious requests from Europe.

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