A New Era Startıng In Buyıng And Sellıng Real Estate!

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Title deed are being taken to finalize the issue of deferred payment of low fees. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning are solving the problem of valuation which is the subject of debate in real estate transactions. According to this, the values of houses of every city and soul will be determined again. Instead of the fair value in the municipalities, the houses and land values in which the actual data are included will be entered into the system.


Applied in the European Union

In the new period, a house of 200 thousand liras will be prevented from being shown as 80 thousand liras for the payment of low fees. Again, a house value of 100 thousand lirass to get more housing loans can not be shown as 150 thousand liras. It is stated that both the ministry and the citizens will be able to negotiate with the contractors thanks to the values to be revealed.

Subway and Distance to Hospital Important

The issue of valuation, which is the subject of debate in real estate transactions, will be resolved with the new system in the coming period. For those who want to buy housing and land, the values made by banks, municipalities, real estate companies and different institutions will be standardized. In the appraisal, hospital, school and metro distance will become important when the price is determined. A senior economic official said that the Ministry of Finance has taken up work on the real estate appraisal system again and that there will be no high price difference between the property value and the market value to pay low taxes and fees. This data will also be used for expropriation.


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