A New Istanbul Is Born With Its Mega Projects

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 A New Istanbul Is Born With Its Mega Projects

Istanbul’s face is changing with its activated mega projects whether we like it or not. Almost a new Istanbul is born. Think about any city around the world, which has this much a big public and private sector investments which are made at the same time and this city make any headway.Of course its not possible. We dont think that in any other cities in the world will they take that much a risk to transform the city in a building site and big public investments courage while the global economy is in a shrinking period. Of course, this courage and taken risks will have a meaning for the future of the city. Istanbul is the city where some of the biggest investments are made and will become the center of the world and will be mentioned about in the coming centuries. Not just the public investments, the megacity Istanbul will also compete with the other metropolises with its real estate market. Lets look at the mega projects which will increase the real estate rates.

1) The 3rd Airport

Its one of the biggest building sites in the world.13 thousand staff are working continuously to prepare the first stage until 2018.10,2 billion Euro’s will be spend for the airport which will serve for 150 million passengers each year.

2) Marmaray

Marmaray already opened its service.Thw construction of the railway bosphorus tube transition ,tunnels and the stations are completed.

3) Galataport

The harbour is in Salipazari and will be used for the cruise ships as a tourism region.


4) The 3rd Bridge

With its official name Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will be opened this year and will comfort the transition traffic in Istanbul.

5) Halic Yacht Harbour

It will be a 140 yacht capacity and in the complex project will be 2, 5 star hotels ,shops,offices and a congress center included.

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