A Residential Area Of Turkey Can Grant Citizenship To Foreigners

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With Turkey’s economy has accelerated steps to hit the 2017 mark. Stating that they will alleviate the burden on the private sector than Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekçi said the company would proceed with the special incentive period.


Zeybekçi stating preparing a new attack in exports year and said they would work on the capacity of the regional market to the end. The Government of Turkey to ensure the stamp of the economy hit by the 2017 reform and is preparing to implement investment moves. Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekçi said: they were trying to pull the front of the private sector of the state near future, pave the way for growth in exports, also they made ​​preparations for several steps. Zeybekçi also added ‘I’m optimistic about millions of workers compensation on termination of the waiting impatiently. Zeybekci also said the vested rights of the opinion that mainly for severance payments will not be going back. Zeybekçi “Seniority I think would be protected by a salary every year. Accumulated seniority of the private sector may also be provided in transferable state. Thus the employer’s burden is also mitigated. Our goal is zero severance grievances, “he said.


Counting the export of tourism, they are trying to be the export scope in describing Zeybekci said: “Supporting such exporters in the foreign service, which hotel you’re standing on the numbers of the export bill of this service. This will be true for health tourism. A residential area on a certain number of foreigners come to Turkey will give the session . Soon there will be a citizenship if requested.”


Eximbank said that the restructuring According to the equivalent of the world Nihat Zeybekçi, “First of all we are working on foreign investors services. However, selling goods abroad come here you take the machine manufacturer from Turkey, I’ll give you a zero interest loan . We are standing on a 3-5 year term facility like. Our study also crediting of buyers abroad, “he said. They work with Iran also noted Zeybekçi, noting that the number of advisers in foreign trade in the first five to be removed Iran, ” Iranian street, streets, villages will scan. Besides our trade goes there every businessman to have his counsel will be the hosts “he said.




Zeybekçi record to switch to special incentive period, he said: ” integrated facilities based on the around will lead to the establishment talking with companies … state land, energy price guarantee, transport, the port will put every convenience… the Ministerial decision of the Council, if necessary it the company will be given a special job. This will be presented to all domestic and foreign capital.”

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