A Suggestion Of An English Model In Estate Sector

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A suggestion of an English model in estate sector

The Partner of Eskidji Ankara Region Koksal Unal,specifies that the English model could be taken as a reference intended for the estate sector.”Because the English system is more simple and there is real estate brokerage plus the rules and criterias are certain.”

The estate activity has in social life an important place but is being done for years with ‘ a table and a safety case’ system which is edited right now with a new law.


In recent years,the real estate market has turned into a huge record growth because of the housing production and business growth in construction business.For this reason,appeared an increased need to arrange the subjects about legislation and the legal regulation of estate market on the agenda of the government says the Partner of Eskidji Ankara Region Koksal Unal.Koksal also specifies that in this sector are important parts like estate agents,contractors, consumers,banks and the government.Unal,’The legislation arrangements play an important fact for the functionings of the market,taxes and activists on this field.’ England is one of the main countries for its system to be taken as a reference says Unal.Because there is real estate brokerage and not such a thing as an owning model.The seller doesnt pay any commission and the buyer pays a 3 percent commission.The buyer and sellers dont come together to do this,the authority is given to the estate advisor.


It could be a new Era in Turkey

Unal,supports the law studies about the estate market to be arranged in a comprehensive way,and gave an example that after the big earthquake in 1999 came a new law in 2001 that is called Structure Governance Law.He reminded us that in the construction sector came conditions like quality and resistance for earthquakes with this law.A wide comprehensive law in terms like would start a new Era in Turkey said Unal.

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