Abdi Ipekci Leaves Its Place To Modern Facilities

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Abdi Ipekci Leaves Its Place To Modern Facilities

The Abdi Ipekci Sports Hall, which has been serving Turkish sport for nearly 30 years and has many unforgettable events, is being demolished for modern facilities to be built instead.

In the statement made by Turkey Basketball Federation, which operates 12 thousand 500 people since 1989, Abdi Ipekci Sports Hall, where sports fans to bid farewell to a new sports center will serve the Turkish basketball has been saved.

It is stated that the new sports center which will be built on the premise of the Federation will serve Turkish basketball with a modern hall as well as training and match fields for infrastructure, training halls for A National Teams, event and seminar halls, camp center, museum and public areas.

The construction of the facility will begin after the completion of the demolition and evacuation of Abdi Ipekci Sports Hall.


Türkoğlu: "We are planning an example facility"

Turkey Basketball Federation President Hedo Turkoglu, the new facility will be built instead of the Abdi Ipekci Sports Hall, eliminating a significant lack of will form an important camp center for national teams, he said: "In Europe, we are planning a facility that will be an example in the world." said.

"Abdi İpekçi Sports Hall has provided service to the entire basketball family from the player to the coach, from the salon staff to the fans, with memorable memories, and has provided service for nearly 30 years." I hope that new and modern basketball development and we will embrace you with unforgettable memories, and you will already be auspicious auspicious. " 

Founded in 1979, the sports hall, which took its name from the journalist and writer Abdi Ipekçi, lost its life in the same year, was put on service on 3 June 1989 with a show of American Harlem Wizards and Washington Generals teams.

Abdi Ipekci Sports Hall, which hosted hundreds of matches of national teams, as well as many critical games of Turkish teams on the European scene, was a memorable main stage for basketball fans.

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