Accelerated in Ankara Real Estate Sector

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Ankara has recently made progress in the real estate sector. Turkey Statistical Institute shared some data. This data clearly shows the progress of Ankara. This rapord was made relevant to the first 4 months of 2017. According to this assessment, a 7 percent increase was achieved. This increase comes about when compared to the same month last year.

What is the Situation in Ankara?

Housing sales in Ankara are showing a significant increase. The real estate sector continues to live its vibrant days. In Ankara, sales were up 12 percent in April. Looking at the first four months, a 13 percent increase was achieved. Ankara's share in the first four months was 10 percent last year. It increased to around 11.5 percent in the same period this year. Compared to Istanbul, Ankara house sales can be called more accelerated.

Ankara New Attraction Center

Ankara continues to attract people's attention. Being the capital plays an important role in the development of Ankara. More and more houses are becoming a center of attraction for the Ankara real estate sector. Ankara house prices are changing. The fact that it is a house according to every budget increases interest here. Moreover, Ankara, which owns the industrial sector, is important for many employees. Ankara, which is close to Istanbul, facilitates people in the sense of transportation. Istanbul travels faster through the train. Save time. It is becoming an easily accessible city. Ankara attracts many people. This ensures that the real estate sector is mobilized.

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