Acquisition Of Real Estate Age Is Dropped To 34!

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People in Turkey have a real estate at earlier age now. For the last 10 years the acquisition of Real Estate Age is dropped from 43 to 34!

The specialist related with the Real Estate Industry explained that this sector is the most available area for the investments across the Worldwide. According to the economists, people will profit from investing to real estate.


Young People can buy house easily

Gökhan Taş (Turkey president of Coldwell Banker) says:

“People have a real estate at much earlier age than the age of previous periods. After graduated from University when they are age of 25-27, they live in their own house; they don’t stay with their families any longer. Also they don’t think about marriage at early age and if they do, they can divorce easily and quickly. Families accept these conditions as normal; living lonely and being individual. Turkey is the youngest country between the European countries by average age of 29. In the other countries this level is at 40. So the young population needs to shelter. This young population had a good education, graduated from good schools and their family made investments for them. Their way is very clear as an entrepreneur and they are demanded. When they get a job, they can buy a house and invest for the real estate sector easily. The exchange rate and the politics agenda are the important factors. Whatever we face in future, the real estate sector will provide many opportunities for making good profits in 2017. “

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